Thursday, May 6, 2010

Widespread evidence of new hiring

Most of the Monster Employment Indices (based on online job openings) have turned up impressively in the past few months. This is unvarnished good news, as without new jobs the recovery would be unsustainable. The recovery now has legs. Some excerpts from the report:

While most industries and occupations are showing increased demand for workers, public administration remains muted and below seasonal expectations as several state and local governments continue to face budgetary pressures.

During April, online job availability rose in 17 of the Index’s 20 industry sectors and in 21 of the 23 occupational categories monitored.

Mining, quarrying, oil, and gas extraction workers see strongest rise in online job demand in April; Information and agriculture contract.

Consumer-driven sectors: retail trade; and accommodation and food services register second consecutive month of growth.

During April, demand rose in all U.S. Census Bureau regions with Mid Atlantic and New England registering the largest gains, both climbing 11 percent month-over-month.

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