Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shipping update: continued improvement

These measures of ocean shipping rates continue to point to healthy demand for shipping in both the Pacific and Atlantic. That in turn translates into continued good news for global growth. The best reason to think that the Greek debt situation will not prove contagious or harmful to the rest of Europe is the fact that the global economy is strengthening. Growth is a great remedy for debt.


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Anonymous said...
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John said...

I am NOT a fan of Goldman Sachs but if ever there was someone who should be their face it is Abbey Cohen. She was just on CNBC and I found myself (SHOCK!) considering buying their stock.

Delightful woman. Mean as he-- I'm sure if she needs to be but if I was Goldman's top dog (that's a laugh isn't it?) I'd have her in front of a camera every chance I could get.

Sorry, I know its OT but what she DID say was similar to what Scott has been posting here for weeks. Bullish on stocks and a modestly expanding economy.

Oh yeah. Re their stock...I quickly came to my senses.....which probably means it should be bought.