Friday, March 19, 2010

Presentation to NAPM Orange County

Last night I used this presentation when addressing the folks at the OC chapter of NAPM. It's not a standalone presentation, but some of the charts are interesting, and some of the bullet points. I'm not sure this will come across unless you download it first and then run it as a PowerPoint show. I stupidly used an old version of PowerPoint to put this together, and it doesn't do a good job handling my charts and fonts. Next time I'll use Keynote. Let me know if there are problems with this and I'll try something else.

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W.E. Heasley said...

Your presentation is excellent. My take is:

(1) incentives are in the wrong places and/or disincentives have been erected,

(2) resources are not being allocated efficiently, in part, due to size and scope of government,

(3) progressive policies are creating uncertainty leading to economic headwinds,

(4) monetary and fiscal policies are very suspect.