Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corporate layoffs remain very low

Announced corporate layoffs, as tabulated by the folks at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, remained at very low levels in June. No sign of the economy "rolling over" here. Indeed, the improvement in this series over the past year looks a lot better than it did in the year following the 2001 recession.


Jake said...

Point 1) These are NSA and there tends to be a large seasonality in these figures for summer

Point 2) Is it just that there are no people left to layoff? At this point, it becomes a question of bankruptcy vs. round of layoffs

Benjamin Cole said...

Yeah, I think we need a bigger jolt from monetary policy--a huge jolt. Give me grwoth and inflation vs. a prolonged recession.

Besides, it will take years of inflation in prpperty markets to make lenders whole.

Scott Grannis said...

Jake: there is no way that seasonal factors can diminish the signal from this index. It is way down from year ago levels. And of course there are tens of millions who could be laid of if things got worse.

Paul said...

"Give me grwoth and inflation vs. a prolonged recession."

Instead of stupid gimmicks that always have blowback, perhaps you could kindly ask your boyfriend to get his boot off the neck of American enterprise? The coming taxes, debt, and promises of bankrupting whole industries is keeping the risk takers on the sidelines. But who would have expected this when you jumped on the Hopeandchange bandwagon and voted for a socialist community organizer who likened his one short stint in the private sector as being like a "spy behind enemy lines" ?