Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama's approval rating plunges

The latest Rasmussen survey shows Obama's approval ratings are in free-fall. Almost half of the people "strongly disapprove" of the way he is handling his job. This is unprecedented (to use one of Obama's favorite words) for the first year of a presidency, especially considering his lofty approval ratings just one year ago. If Obama and the Democrats persist in passing the Reid healthcare bill, I suspect these ratings will go even lower. As I have been arguing since last February, the country was never ready nor eager for the radical left-wing agenda that Obama has been bent on rahmming through, and these ratings are proof. The people are speaking, and they've had just about enough of this. Will Congressional Democrats take notice before it's too late?


Cabodog said...

As always, looking forward to November. If these numbers are any indication, people have had enough of this idiot and his "change."

I'm encouraged by the shift in opinion by many of my left-leaning friends and associates; fingers crossed that the shift continues in this country. Plenty of people saying "enough of this change" and realizing Obama's skills are in marketing, not production.

brodero said...

Scott I appreciate your intent but
in the interest in complete analysis why not use the Real Clear Politics average?

Scott Grannis said...

I've consistently used the Rasmussen data, so it's not like I'm trying to cherry-pick the poll. I've always liked Rasmussen, so I stick with them. But I think that regardless of the poll you use, the message is the same: a big decline in Obama's popularity, and mounting discontent with both Obama and Congress and the direction the country is heading.

Paul said...

This news fills me with the Christmas spirit! Ho ho ho, how low will he go?

Bill said...


I'd like your thoughts on how Obama's numbers compare to Reagan's during the deep recession of '81-'82 when many pundits said he would never be re-elected. I'm concerned that despite his crazy economic policies, if the economy is just naturally better by late 2010 through 2012, the Democrats and Obama will be re-elected.

Scott Grannis said...

Reagan had troubles early in his presidency, but he soon got things right with the tax cuts, a strong stand against the air traffic controllers, and a strong stand on defense. The economy was going gangbusters by the time he was up for reelection.

I think the economy is going to do better next year, but 4% growth is about the best we could hope. That sounds above-average, and thus good for Obama, but it's not going to feel very good to the guy on the street. Unemployment will still be very high and the deficit will be on the order of $1 trillion per year or more. Plus, don't forget that Reagan was hugely popular and always optimistic, whereas Obama is now hugely unpopular, pessimistic, and bowing down to foreign leaders. He is not in synch with the American psyche.

I think the better parallel is to the 1994 election, when the Dems lost Congress because of dissatisfaction with Clinton's attempts to raise taxes and pass HillaryCare. The Republicans came up with the Contract for America and it was hugely successful. As a result of the election, Clinton moved sharply to the center and things were great after that.

brodero said...

The problem I have with Rasmussen is that has defaulted to likely voter methdology way to early.While
likely voter methodology is appropriate once you enter the campaign season defaulting to it a year and a half before an election
is way too early and is prone to errors.So I use the Real Clear Politics average since it combines
polls and therefore has a much larger sample.

Jeff said...

I was talking to a higher up guy at Morgan in Chicago this week. He has a number of friends who drank the cool-aid during the campaign and/or personally connected to people in the campaign (and Obama himself). Virtually ALL of them he said have come to their senses and realize they voted for a Marxist!

We can only hope John Q. Pulbic does the same...and stays there thru 2012 and 2012.

W.E. Heasley said...

Mr. Grannis:

In Political Economy you have the notion of “The Political Anger Factor“. One dimension of the Political Anger Factor is that rising unemployment causes the Political Anger Factor to rise. When Unemployment rises above 10% the Political Anger Factor rises exponentially. Persistent high unemployment removes incumbents.

Also in the background is the current Entitlement debacle. Under funded to the tune of > $50 Trillion. The average American Tax Payer knows bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security is just around the corner.

Also running in the background is Debt, both Public and Private.

Given that The Political Anger Factor is working in the background, and given current entitlements (Social Engineering Plans) are insolvent, and given a debt crisis………only a “Political Hobbyist” would have initiated a Social Engineering Agenda with a simultaneous Expansion of Government.

Scott Grannis said...

Jeff V: Obama is going to go down in history as the biggest political bait and switch ever. Well, perhaps I exaggerate, since it was obvious to me from early on that he was a socialist at heart.

Paul said...

"Virtually ALL of them he said have come to their senses and realize they voted for a Marxist!"

These types really infuriate me more than the Left. It's not like Obama didn't come onto the scene with big flashing red light warning signs. They're the same geniuses who spent the campaign trashing Sarah Palin, and ridiculing those of us who pointed out Obama's radical past.

Some day, another huckster will come onto the scene and they'll fall in love all over again.

Jeff said...

The day of the election I said to everyone that 'we just elected our first Marxist President'. I got a lot of dirty looks, but I was actually listening during the campaign.

You didn't exaggerate. It's just great to see 45% now agree!!

BTW, great job on the 2009 predictions. You've become a must read for me.