Monday, December 28, 2009

Asian V-signs

Japanese industrial production suffered the most in last year's downturn, so it's not surprising that it has also rebounded the most this year, rising fully 27% from its Feb. '09 lows. This is an important sign of the strength of the global recovery, which this time around is helping pull the U.S. economy out of its slump (the U.S. is typically the engine of global recovery). Sending the same message of a strong global economic rebound, the Hang Seng equity index is up 89% from its March low and 49% year to date, and most Asian stock markets have turned in performances that handily beat the S&P 500's 25% return year to date.


Benjamin Cole said...

Die recession, die, die, die!
Asia has a 20-year boom on. Starting about now.
More money will be made in non-Islamic Asia in the next 20 years than in the history of the United States.
Invest and live accordingly.

alstry said...


Things are looking great on the margins.....but America and Japan are now running unprecedented deficits.

How long do you think America can run a budget deficit more than twice its tax receipts before it starts impacting the economy?

Is there any nation out there anymore that has the capacity to fund our approaching $2 Trillion deficit in light of our declining tax receipts?

Do you think the current administration is heading us on a path for hyperinflation similar to Argentina?