Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Car sales another V-sign

Several months have passed since the Cash for Clunkers program caused a temporary surge in sales, which was then followed by a slump. The dust has settled, and what we now see is that car sales have jumped 20% since hitting a low last February. We see the same pattern in the Manheim index of used car prices, which has risen 20% since last December's low. These sure look like genuine, V-shaped recoveries to me.


Игры рынка said...

Well, the car sales still look like they are at the level of 1991 or even 1982. V or not-V it does not matter. Sales are super-weak

Scott Grannis said...

By the time car sales get back to what would be considered healthy levels, the economy will have been growing for at least several years.

This is a classic case of where you have to look at things on the margin, not relative to long term averages. Sales are up significantly in percentage terms from their lows earlier this year. That is a very important change on the margin.

john..... said...

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