Thursday, April 2, 2009

Villa La Angostura

We love Villa La Angostura, which is about 40 miles from Bariloche on the eastern side of the spectacular Nahuel Huapi lake in southern Neuquén Province. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating, and it has been raining most of the time we've been here.

We're staying at a "hostel" that anyone would be comfortable in, Las Puertas del Sol. The second picture here was taken this morning as we were leaving the hostel. The first picture was taken from the breakfast room as we were finishing our breakfast (included in the price). We're so comfortable here that we plan to stay a few more days. Nahuel Haupi is dramatically beautiful, with huge mountainous islands and mountains all around, and I can't think of anything similar that I've seen.

The third picture was taken very near the harbor where you can catch a boat to the unique Arrayanes Forest (which provided the inspiration for Walt Disney's Bambi). The mansion in the photo is called El Messidor, and it belongs to the Provincial Government of Neuquén. The public can tour the grounds of this magnificent property, with something like 10,000 rose bushes, but the mansion is reserved for government officials and other dignitaries. It became famous after it was used to "jail" Isabel Peron, the widow of the famous Juan Peron and the then-president of Argentina, when the military deposed her in March 1976. I was lucky to spend three days there in 1977 as the personal translator for the Mayor of Neuquén, while he entertained the mayor of Knoxville TN, Neuquén's sister city.


Anonymous said...

If you ever go north from there up the route 40 (I doubt you will, it's kind of desertic) and get to Aluminé, try the Posta del Rey restaurant. It's by the local Automovil Club Hotel and gas station, and there you can eat the best chivito (grilled goat) in Argentina (and I think of myself as an authority on the subject). And extraordinary homemade pasta, dulce de leche and budin de pan.
Really, I've been to good restaurants all over this country and that one deserves a visit. A good Chateau Vieux with your goat, a slice of flan con dulce de leche, and out to get a good breath of patagonian air. Ah, the memories.
If you like malbec try the Lopez wines (mixed varieties, vino fino tinto as they call them here), they are the traditional taste in wines here, not especially fashionable but they are mostly well aged wines, quite nice.

Unknown said...

It must be great to compete with Mama's Fish House. We first ate there in '93 when it was little more than a thatch hut. Stayed there last year. What a Change! Enjoying your comments. Great trip!Pat