Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazing increase in US oil production

In the span of a mere four years, U.S. production of crude oil has surged by 67%, according to the Dept. of Energy, reaching levels not seen since the late 1980s. Crude production is up 14% in just the past year. This is the fruit of new fracking technology and it is nothing short of astonishing. Natural gas production is up almost 40% over this same period, and—since natural gas is not easily exportable—this has resulted in a two-thirds decline in the price of natural gas, which in turn gives our energy-intensive industries a big competitive advantage. All of this adds up to a huge boost for the U.S. economy, and it has nothing to do with any government initiatives or infrastructure investment. Indeed, it comes despite Obama's reluctance to approve the Keystone pipeline.

Mark Perry has been doing a terrific job of covering this story. In his most recent post on the subject, he points out that "the U.S. was the world's largest petroleum producer in December for the 14th straight month."

It's hard to be bearish about the economy's prospects when you see big changes like this in a key industry.


Kos said...

and yet prices at the pump have tripled.

Scott Grannis said...

Higher crude production in the U.S. has caused petroleum imports to decline. Crude is easily exportable, so the price of crude and crude products is determined by the global supply of and demand for crude. If US had not increased its crude production, gasoline prices might have increased even more.

CJF said...
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CJF said...

Hi Scott,

Is there a way to send you an email?


Tom Gates said...

I didn't think crude oil could be exported? Refined product, yes.

Scott Grannis said...

CJF: I think you can do it via Linked In

theyenguy said...

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