Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Drinking Age Is Past Its Prime

That's the title of Camille Paglia's latest op-ed in Time. As I mentioned a few years ago, she must be one of the last critical thinkers left in the Democratic Party. She correctly identified many of the fatal flaws of the Obama administration in 2009, and she has now lifted from obscurity what should be a priority national issue: repealing the National Minimum Age Drinking Act which was passed 30 years ago. As she notes, "This tyrannical infantilizing of young Americans must stop!" Read the whole thing, it's not too long. The Nanny State is out of control.


Hans said...

She is nothing more than brilliant.

Thank you for the 2009 thread, Mr Grannis.

Jeff said...

So I guess drinking and smoking pot are indicators of an "advanced" civilization!

And the law is "cruel"? Really? 'Cruel' is defined as "willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it."


I wonder what see'd say if I asked my 18 year old to mow the lawn!

Jeff said...

And is Scott being sarcastic when he says this "should be a priority national issue"??