Monday, March 23, 2009

Plaza Independencia, S. M. de Tucumán

This is a shot of the plaza in downtown Tucuman a little after noon today. The downtown-to-home rush hour is underway. The main government building is visible just on the left.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the advice and the entertainment. You're a must read every night

Randy R said...


I've been dying to visit Argentina for the last few years and have really enjoyed your travel notes. I think I've just about talked my kids (12 and 15) into the idea. We went to Spain a few years ago and quickly got into the lifestyle of lot's of food, wine and naps. I could really see my wife and I living somewhere like that for a while when retired. Anyway, I was fixated on Spanish wines after that trip and in the last year or so have been going through lots of Argentinian malbecs. I'd have a little trouble with all that meat, but I'm willing to try! Thanks so much for sharing.