Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The global warming debate is heating up, and clearly not settled

More than 700 international scientists have now joined the ranks of those dissenting from the supposedly unanimous consensus that man-made global warming is going to destroy the world's climate unless we take drastic measures to reduce carbon emissions.

The skeptical scientists are responding not only to an increase in dire “predictions” of climate change, but also a steady stream of peer-reviewed studies, analyses, real world data, and inconvenient developments that have further cast doubts on the claims of man-made global warming fear activists.

“I am appalled at the state of discord in the field of climate science…There is no observational evidence that the addition of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have caused any temperature perturbations in the atmosphere.” - Award-winning atmospheric scientist Dr. George T. Wolff, former member of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board, served on a committee of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and authored more than 90 peer-reviewed studies.

To paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke, Obama's cap and trade proposal should be taken out behind the barn and killed with an axe. The sooner the better.

HT: Russell Redenbaugh


TheRanch said...

Just a note of appreciation:I just found your blog a few months ago. It is a must read for me every day.
My wife & I moved to Calif. in 1959, she worked as an accountant & I joined LAPD. For 40 yrs we invested in property, in 1980 I switched to stocks. I was, and still am 100% stocks. At the end of 2007 we were 3 mil+. (I might have been a little too aggressive do ya think?)
Anyhow, I love your blog and my money is on your point of view.

PD Dennison said...

We need many more people speaking out against the hoax that is "man -made global warming".
It is not clear that we are in a warming tread. (The Earth's temperature has been trending down for the last 10 years). It certainly is not clear that man is causing any warming.

In fact, some warming of the Earth may be of benefit to mankind, as it appears it was during the previous warming periods (long before the SUV).

bob wright said...

PD Dennison said:

"In fact, some warming of the Earth may be of benefit to mankind..."

Living in Michigan, which was once
buried under a glacier 3 to 4 km thick, I can personally attest that global warming has been a benefit to mankind - it certainly has made living in Michigan a lot more tolerable.

I constantly tell people that I'm all for global warming.

Keep up the good work Scott.

Scott Grannis said...

TheRanch: thanks for your kind note!