Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recommended reading: the case for Trump

Last week an anonymous author penned a provocative but well-written essay, "The Flight 93 Election," that makes the case for Trump. Today he followed up with an equally well-written essay in his defense (he has been roundly attacked by both the left and the right) that reinforces the case for Trump, "Restatement on Flight 93." I should warn that both essays are long. But they are the most intellectually persuasive essays in support of Trump that I am aware of (and there aren't many). Love him or hate him, and for all his myriad flaws, you owe it to yourself to view Trump from this author's unique perspective.

A few excerpts:

If conservatives are right about the importance of virtue, morality, religious faith, stability, character and so on in the individual; if they are right about sexual morality or what came to be termed “family values”; if they are right about the importance of education to inculcate good character and to teach the fundamentals that have defined knowledge in the West for millennia; if they are right about societal norms and public order; if they are right about the centrality of initiative, enterprise, industry, and thrift to a sound economy and a healthy society; if they are right about the soul-sapping effects of paternalistic Big Government and its cannibalization of civil society and religious institutions; if they are right about the necessity of a strong defense and prudent statesmanship in the international sphere—if they are right about the importance of all this to national health and even survival, then they must believe—mustn’t they?—that we are headed off a cliff. 
— — — 
One of the dumber things often said about Trump is that “you can’t trust him with the nuclear codes.” This statement, first, betrays a complete lack of understanding of nuclear command and control. More important, it’s an extraordinary calumny, one that accuses the man of a wish or propensity to commit mass murder on the scale of Pol Pot. On what basis does anyone make such an accusation? Can Trump be erratic, obnoxious, and offensive? Of course, he can be all that and more. But while these qualities are not virtues, they may well have helped him punch through the Overton Window, in which case I am willing to make allowances. 
For this objection to be decisive, Trump’s personal immoderation would have to be on a level that aspires to tyrannical rule. I don’t see it. Not even close. The charge of “buffoon” seems a million times more apt than “tyrant.” And even so, one must wonder how buffoonish the alleged buffoon really is when he is right on the most important issues while so many others who are esteemed wise are wrong. Hillary Clinton launched the Libya war, perhaps the worst security policy mistake in US history—which divided a country between two American enemies and anarchy, and took a stream of refugees into Europe and surged it into a flood. She pledges to vastly increase the refugee flow from the Middle East into our communities (and, mark my words, they will be Red State communities). Trump by contrast promises not to launch misguided wars, to protect our borders, and to focus immigration policy on the well-being of the currently-constituted American people. Who is truly more moderate: the colorful loudmouth with the sensible agenda or the corrupt, icy careerist with the radical agenda?


Benjamin Cole said...

Trump is the most fascinating character on the political stage in decades and decades. I can only think of Huey Long, the Louisiana Kingfish (Great Depression) as anyone who even comes close (read T. Harry Williams biography on Long, it is interesting and very readable).

I concur with the sentiments that "Who is truly more moderate: the colorful loudmouth with the sensible agenda or the corrupt, icy careerist with the radical agenda?"

Think about George Bush jr. A very likable sort, Harvard MBA. Yet he launched the US into two unwinnable and evidently permanent wars at fantastic expense, and the US financial system collapsed on his watch. He also wore military costumes, and created a gigantic Panopticon national security state, based upon a single terrorist attack. He is the worst President since Buchanan.

If Trump offers annoying braggadocio but avoids foreign entanglements, he might be a better President than Bush jr. I find Clinton uncompelling.

I wish Rand Paul had become the GOP nominee.

Illuninati said...

"Who is truly more moderate: the colorful loudmouth with the sensible agenda or the corrupt, icy careerist with the radical agenda?"

Well stated. Most of us wish someone else had won the primary but here we are. I agree that Trump is the better of the two alternatives.

Ralf Graute said...

The essays are excellent and to the point. I have followed he last few elections in the US with dismay and sadness, because it is a replica of what is happening in Germany or Europe for that matter. There the two major parties are both left (CDU and SPD), you have the Greens (also left and statist), and finally the communists (Die Linke). There is no conservative opposition or party to speak of - or even in sight. You are either left or a Nazi. A lot of people are fed up with it, but in the end it's always: But times aren't actually that bad. And the government just does what it thinks right - no matter the consequences or what everybody else thinks. Germany has been that way forever, but the US has a bigger role to play in the world. Without a freedom-loving US, the world is heading for a really shitty future. The world would make an incredible step backwards.

Lawyer in NJ said...

There is no rational case to elect a racist, prevaricating, fact-averse old man like Drumpf.

Houston Advisor said...

It has been interesting to see all of the rationalizing. You can just see the pain in faces of many Fox personalities as they try each day/night to prop up the "buffoon" head of the party. There has never been a bar set so low for a Presidential Candidate. The Hate for Hillary is a cop out for justification for voting for Drumpf.

Ask Colin Powell how he feels about the new head of the GOP. Oh wait, we now know.

Frozen in the North said...

A few weeks ago I got into heated argument with European (French) about the impact of Trump. The felt that he was no worse than what is on offer in Europe -- that yes he is a know nothing guy who's success are...well he seems to be successful - he does own a 757 so nothing to spit on. However, the issue for Europe is different since the EU government can restrain some of the crazier national elements. Thing far right in Austria or Netherlands! However, Trump is different, forget the nuclear codes for a second -- who cares its a two man affaire its not like Trump can lauch an attach against Mexico.

The problem with Trump is that he share none of the conservative values (zero) he admires Putin and Kim two very conflicted guys. He doesn't believe in a free press, and has a rather thin understanding of reality or the truth. In all aspect.

I still don't understand FOX & friends, I don't understand the religious right -- if they had any credibility with the real christian values (which I doubt anyway) they are complete bancrupt.

One good aspect of the Trump candidacy is the end of protest against the ACA (Obamacare), that's finally over. BTW David Frum was right!