Monday, March 16, 2015

Trader/admin/analyst opportunity

A long-time supply-side friend needs help running his growing equity research business that specializes in small cap overseas opportunities that are decidedly not mainstream. Here’s how he describes the position:

Independent equity research shop in Arlington VA looking for a trader/admin/analyst. Tricky spot to fill. Basically we run a lot of positions (some in thin foreign names) in several accounts and need someone to keep on top of them. There is room to do analysis as well. Experience in dealing with brokers, running foreign small caps, technical analysis a plus. Could be part-time. The hours could be strange, with a lot of Asia trading (punctuated by periods of no trading at all). Can live anywhere but being closer to Arlington makes it much easier. Salary somewhere in five figures depending on the person, hours, role, etc. The ideal would be to find someone who adds value to the portfolio management process while also being easy to work with, mild mannered, etc. The job is best conceptualized as an admin/support role with plenty of room to grow. An appreciation for Scott’s style of economics is certainly helpful. If interested, contact

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