Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trip notes

Our driving tour of Germany, Switzerland and Austria has been wonderful, though the weather turned a bit ugly on us yesterday and promises to remain so for the next several days. 

Yesterday we stumbled on the fantastic-looking headquarters of Red Bull, shown in the first shot above. It may be hard to see in the photo, but there are what appear to be large bronze bulls rampaging out of the building into a surrounding pool. It's located on the southeastern end of Fuschl lake—seen from the northwestern end in the second photo—which is about 10 miles east of Salzburg. The area is studded with gorgeous lakes and alpine peaks. 

Two days ago we made the obligatory visit to one of Europe's most incredible castles, Neuschawnstein, in southern Bavaria. My photo is the first of the two above, but as you can see from the professional photo, this place is situated magnificently (the photographer must have climbed into a pretty dangerous spot to capture that shot).

Three days ago we drove from St. Moritz to Merano, Italy, via the Swiss and Stelvio National Parks, and enjoyed one breathtaking vista after another. Here's a shot from a spot where we stopped to have some cheese, salami, and beer:

We ended up at the fabulous Castel Fragsburg hotel overlooking Verano, where I took this shot from the hotel's terrace:


William said...

Wonderful views. Thanks for the update.

Tom L said...

gorgeous! thanks for sharing

Bruce said...


zumbador said...

Great photos….Thanks

Roy said...

Lovely scenery. Admit it, you keep thinking about money and you only went because of your wife :)

read: so is the ECB going to ease and if not what's going to happen?

Hans said...

Mr Grannis, I see that you are featuring your retire home!

Delightful composition with your lovely bride in the foreground.

It is too bad that Americans are now suffering from Foreign Exchange Income Inequality.

I heard that one can do Portugal on the cheap.

Thank you for the wonderful pictures and hope more are on the way.

randy said...

My wife is jealous.