Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reading the World

Russell Redenbaugh is a remarkable person, an excellent thinker, and a successful investor. He's been a good friend of mine for the past two decades, and I've learned a lot from our association. I introduced Russell in a post earlier this year, titled "Overcoming adversity." He introduces himself even better in an 18-minute TED talk which you can see here

Russell is now sharing his insights into markets and investing with a weekly newsletter titled "Reading the World." In it he highlights what he thinks are key events and policies that mark important changes on the margin in the investment outlook. I'm a regular reader. Like him, I think it's critically important to understand how government policies and economic fundamentals interact and influence markets. He translates what he sees going on into recommendations for which asset classes to invest in and which to avoid. In that sense he's more a "macro" investor than a stock picker.

If you're interested, he's offering readers of Calafia Beach Pundit two free reports on monetary policy, plus a 2-week trial subscription for only $1. You can access this offer here

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damien said...

I am so proud to have worked for Russ as his assistant in college. He shaped my thinking on many topics and was such a positive influence. He also gave me exposure to great econs such as yourself, Art, and Chuck...San Juan Capistrano Beach Pundit...;-) Happy Holidays