Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter at Calafia Beach

(click to enlarge)

I took this photo a few days ago with my iPhone 5. Winter is the most beautiful time of the year for So. California beaches. Catalina Island is visible in the center horizon.


McKibbinUSA said...

I just returned to State College, Pennsylvania (29F as I arrived) after a week in Naples, Florida (82F as I flew out) -- the good life is a good reason to work hard and invest in our estates -- regards to you in Calafia Beach.

Gene Prescott said...

Thanks for the pictures. How long does it take you to swim round trip to Catalina Island?

Scott Grannis said...

Ha! I would never dream of attempting it myself, but I know a person who has done it. The shortest distance from Catalina to the mainland is a little over 20 miles, and the record is just over 7 hours for one way, and 16 hours round trip.