Sunday, October 7, 2012

Calafia beach sunset

An incredible sunset last night (taken with my iPhone 5):


Rob said...

Very nice photo.

And it also works as a neat symbol for the latest hot Apple news, the striking wage slaves at Foxconn, who have finally cracked after being pushed to an inhuman extreme in order to supply the product which took that very picture.

Read all about it !

Rob said...

... and the galley slaves' uprising is already affecting Apple business:

Jeff said...

I didn't have the guts to short Apple at $700...although wanted to badly.

They haven't given us anything new since the iPhone 4. Just a little lighter and thiner. The only new usefull feature in the 4s was the ability to tell Siri to remind of something when you get home...kinda cool.

Unfortunately, I updated my iPhone 4s to iOS6 prior to the release of the 5. I did not realize I would loose Google Maps and get a completely unreliable replacement. At the "Genius" Bar, I find out I cannot go back. Go figure.

I did a test of a dozen searches. Apple maps, 4 for 12. Google maps, 12 for 12! I need a reliable map app. So, I tossed aside my iOS6 4s and BOUGHT a new 4s from a guy on Craigslist with iOS 5.1.1. (Anyone want to buy a used Verizon 4s 64gig with iOS6??)

Major miss for Apple. And there are STILL about 100 things I CAN'T do on an Apple phone that are routine on Android (like organizing my home screen the way I want or a simple widget). At least I can now attach a picture to an email (oh, no I can't...I went back to 5.1.1...damn).

They didn't even update the form factor for the 5! It looks like an old square box compared to the Galaxy iii!

Should of had the guts.

Rob said...

Jeff, you can still use Google Maps on the iOS6 ... Just bookmark the Google Maps page on Safari and choose the option to save it as an app on the homescreen. Likewise for YouTube. Much as I dislike the half-baked new Apple Maps, I don't understand why reviewers are making it look like you have just lost Google Maps and Youtube !

However, I agree with you that Apple is in danger of losing its way post-Steve Jobs. I got rid of my iPhone 4S because the battery was just a nightmare, forever running out and making me look like some kind of power socket junkie (in cafes, restaurants etc. always bugging the staff for a socket that often didn't exist). So I would never go back to that particular model. The battery in the iPhone 4 was ok and, from what I read, so is the iPhone 5 battery.

Let's see what happens with the share price. It's taken big dives before of course. This labor strike at Foxconn seems symbolic of a new chapter for Apple, since the fruits of its success have not been shared widely enough.

Jeff said...

Bookmarking Google Maps mobile is just not the same. Not integrated with the phone, contacts, clicking on address in an email, etc.

Even if the app comes out, it will be better but still not integrated.

Apple royally messed up. They should have been dedicated to the best customer experience...not a little arrogant feud with Google. It's just like flash...Apple’s arrogance will be its downfall as the rest of the world moves on. They will be stuck again in their proprietary little universe.

It’s a great phone. But it really hasn’t gotten much better in over 2 years. THE only meaningful improvement (other than Siri’s jokes) is 4G/LTE on the 5…which was available over a year ago on other phones.

A few years ago everyone I knew had a Blackberry. Today, everyone has an iPhone. We are never much more than a 2 year contract away from the next better thing.

Jeff said...

Look...someone agrees with me.

Jeff said...

Hey, someone agrees with me...