Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The iPhone 5 is a beauty

Came back from a trip last night (that's why blogging has been somewhat light) and found my new iPhone 5 waiting for me. First overwhelming impression: it's so light! Actually, it's 20% lighter than the 4S, even though its screen is bigger. Nevertheless, it feels just as solid. Next thought: this phone is gorgeous. The design has been purified; it's hard to see how it could be better. Could a future phone be any lighter or more compact? Hard to believe; what will they do to improve on this? It's faster all around. The camera takes much better pictures in low light (the biggest defect with previous iPhones was lousy indoor shots). The screen is perfect. I love the new charger plug; the other one looked clunky, this one looks svelte, just like the phone.

I think anyone who picks up this phone and compares it to any other on the market will be immediately smitten by its looks, its simplicity, and its functionality. No other screen can compare. The software "just works," and everything is smoothly integrated. iCloud syncs everything hassle-free. How can so much technology be packaged into such a small and beautiful enclosure?

Apple is going to sell this phone as fast as they can make them. It's going to be another blockbuster.

Full disclosure: I remain long AAPL at the time of this writing.


Gloeschi said...

"This has been a paid advertising"

Pragmatic Investor said...

I'm curious. What do you do with your current phone? I just don't understand the mentality of apply fans who have to have it whenever a new gadget comes out even when their current models are only a year old.

Scott Grannis said...

As a shareholder with a significant stake in Apple, I think I absolutely need to own and use all of Apple's products. My old phone--only 1 year old--will most likely go to a needy family member.

It is also possible to resell my old phone, and my understanding is that it is worth about $200 or so.

Rob said...

We're still waiting to hear just how significant .. Btw glad to see u didnt let my partypooping stop your traditional new Apple gadget cheerleading. Be sure to let us know how u get on with the wondrous new map app !