Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney is sounding very presidential

My favorite two paragraphs from Romney's speech tonight:

This America [I see] is fundamentally fair. We will stop the unfairness of urban children being denied access to the good schools of their choice; the unfairness of politicians giving taxpayer money to their friends’ businesses; the unfairness of requiring union workers to contribute to politicians not of their choosing; the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve; and we will stop the unfairness of one generation passing larger and larger debts on to the next. 
In the America I see, character and choices matter. And education, hard work, and living within our means are valued and rewarded. And poverty will be defeated, not with a government check, but with respect and achievement that is taught by parents, learned in school, and practiced in the workplace.

Fairness has to do with equal opportunity, not with equal results. Getting ahead means working hard, not getting handouts from the government. We celebrate those who are successful; we don't envy or begrudge them. These are the values that I believe resonate with the American people.

I think Romney is off to a very good start, and that makes me optimistic.

Obama is on the wrong track, pitting rich against poor and black against white, blaming banks and big corporations for our problems, expanding the role of government instead of shrinking it, and insisting on playing Robin Hood with higher taxes on the rich.

The November elections pose a monumental choice to the American voter, a choice that will have profound consequences for the future of our country and our economy. Politics can fundamentally alter economies and markets, and this year I believe our political choices will matter more than at any time in my lifetime.


Jake said...

I think both are fine candidates and that the U.S. will be fine either way.

Should everyone review both candidate's qualifications and beliefs and make an informed choice? Of course!

But, this "things will go right if we select candidate A and things will go wrong if we select candidate B" is a waste of time and energy for the ignorant.

brodero said...

To be very precise and ultra wonkish
with regard to the November elections...I have culled it down to one state...Ohio...Romney must win Ohio to win the election...

Hans said...

Allow me please to reduce this to a single fact, M.R., Mister Romney, is the second coming of Geo. Bush and family...

Yes, Mister, Mister, when ax, said he endorses BO's planned to reduce the students (Taliban) load levels by forgiving debt...

The Severe Conservative will maintain the Beltway status Quo..After all, it is the occupation (his own concubine)of the White House, that really matters and not policy...

As, Hayek, stated in his "The Long and Winding Road to Serfdom" that in politics the worst rise to the top..We are entering the age of the 4 Tops...

Bill said...

When I hear Romney speak, he sounds Reaganesque to me and I am no squishy moderate. I do not understand the argument that he is a liberal or moderate Republican. The only evidence of this is that he was Governor of Mass. and helped pass the health care bill there.

Well, Reagan was Governor of California and did some liberal things there out of expedience and mistake. I think Romney did the same thing. Everything he is saying is textbook free market capitalism and textbook social conservatism. He is the total package in my view and I strongly support him.

Benjamin Cole said...

Well, I had hopes for the Bush jr. presidency too. I voted for him.

Instead Bush jr. ushered in a financial collapse, two endless wars, huge federal deficits, federal takeover of the financial and auto industries and Medicare Part B, a program as expensive as Social Security.

Bush even wore military costumes, and doubled military outlays---a national-socialist. The only thing missing was a funny little mustache. The Dow was lower when Bush jr. left office than when he went in--and he had GOP majorities to work with.

Now comes Romney. Do I fall for this again?

Hans said...

Ben Jamin, we must all watch his upper lip, to see whether it gets equipped..

CORRECTION: MR agrees to keep student interest loans at present levels, rather than doubling..

Still bad policy.

Benjamin Cole said...


Like Grannis, I like Romney--problem is, I liked Bush.

There must be another party I can vote for.

Squire said...

Romney is not Bush and has learned, like most Republicans, from the mistakes of Bush.

A vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Obama.

Scott points out what is perhaps the most important thing. That the U.S. has abandoned the concept of equal opportunity for equal outcomes.

Bob said...

You're joking of course Jake, aren't you? Sad if you can't see the difference between Obama and Romney.

Romney might not be the best to come along but surely Obama is the worst if you have conservative ideals.

Benjamin you are wrong on a couple of accounts concering GWB. After his tax cuts the deficit was shrinking every year and the Federal government enjoyed several years of the highest tax receipts in the history of the country. It was the collapse of the financial system brought on by the housing debacle that caused the deficit to baloon in his final year.

Bush made numerous mistakes during his presidency but warned on several occasions that Fannie and Freddie where out of control and that Congress, who has oversight in that area, should do someting about it.

As for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, surely there is room for argument based on ethical and/or moral principles, but the costs of those wars have/had little to do with our current financial situation.

Unknown said...

"Obama is on the wrong track, pitting rich against poor and black against white"

Obama is doing this? Really?? There divergence between Rich & Poor has been going on for the last 25+ years.

Obama is pitting black against white? Really?? when? where? Only on Fox News, in the real world he is governing from the middle.