Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pulse of Commerce Index jumps

The Ceridian/UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index rose meaningfully in December, more than reversing the weak growth which we now know reflected a third quarter "soft patch." I show both the actual index (red) and the 3-mo. moving average here. The Index is based on diesel fuel consumption, and you can find more background color in Mark Perry's post here.


septizoniom said...

why do you write this blog?

Bill said...


To annoy you. :)

John said...


Why do you read it?

Benjamin Cole said...

Hot dang! Dow up again today...count down to 12,000 I say.

When the Dow crosses 12,000, I think we see a lot more investor optimism.

The job numbers are still dumpy, but if we can keep adding to employment rolls, they will get better over time.

I see a rally with more legs than a centipede. This rally could last for years.