Monday, December 19, 2011

Bank lending continues to rise

Commercial & Industrial Loans (a good proxy for bank lending to small and medium-sized businesses) are up 9.6% in the past year, or $116 billion.


Benjamin Cole said...

Glad to see positive signs--I just wish they were a lot stronger.

Benjamin Cole said...

BTW, the FRB's report on industrial production finds that business equipment is doing very well, better than any other sector. The production of business equipment is running higher than 2007 levels, while that of consumer goods is still well below 2007 levels.

The "business is afraid of Obama" argument is just not holding water.

The "consumers have no money" argument is stronger.

William said...

Reuters 12/20/2011
"Spain short-term yields plummet, demand soars"

"On Tuesday, the Spanish Treasury sold 3.7 billion euros of 3-month paper for 1.735 percent, after an average yield of 5.11 percent in November..... The 6-month bill sold for an average yield of 2.435 percent, down from 5.227 percent, with 1.92 billion euros sold and demand outstripping supply by a factor of 4.1."