Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama continues to slide in the polls

As these charts demonstrate, Obama suffers from an ongoing decline in his approval ratings that is of serious proportion. In the first chart, his Approval Index has plunged from +30 to -15. A majority of the country, according to the Rasmussen polling, now disapproves of the job he is doing. In the Gallup polls, the gap between those approving and disapproving has reached its smallest point ever: 49% vs. 44%.

For the markets, this is a significant development, since it means that the Democrats' ability to ram through economy-unfriendly and capital-unfriendly legislation (e.g., universal healthcare, cap and trade) is declining on almost a daily basis. From my perspective, this is extremely important, since it reaffirms my belief that the country was never ready for nor desirous of the radical left-wing agenda that Obama is trying to push. I think this marks a very important rightward shift in U.S. politics that could have huge and positive ramifications in the years to come.


lynn said...

May his decline continue.

Bill said...

"I think this marks a very important rightward shift in U.S. politics that could have huge and positive ramifications in the years to come."

I certainly hope so. We desperately need to change the direction of the nation. His economic policies and those of the Democrats generally are truly ruinous.

W.E. Heasley said...

A Narcissistic Personality will likely handle these polling statistics/trends in a reject-the-results fashion.

Colin said...

It is perhaps worth reminding people that Rasmussen's final polls in both the VA and NJ gubernatorial races actually understated support for the GOP candidate in both contests. Rasmussen polling is not to be dismissed as partisan hackery.

Scott Grannis said...

Colin: very good point, thanks

brodero said...

Is there a geographical breakdown of the polls???

Donny Baseball said...

Agreed. Furthermore, the story here is not that Obama is cratering, but that anybody thought for a moment that Obama wouldn't crater. He was elected more or less because of the terrible shape of the economy (and because he is you-know-what, which must go unmentioned) and yet there wasn't a scintilla of evidence that he knows anything about the economy. He essentially borrowed the credibility of Warren Buffett, Paul Volcker and Larry Summers on economic issues and promptly jettisoned these individuals from his inner circle upon taking office. Thus economy policy was destined to be bad to non-existent. It was the latter,which enabled Nancy Pelosi to fill the vacuum...and the rest is history.

Paul said...


Don't know if you caught it, but I think the savaging Obama took on last week's SNL skit is a bellwether for where the country is now.

Cabodog said...

After only ten months too... this is very good news. The trend is excellent and should it continue, November 2010 could very well be a landslide for the right.

Public Library said...

Donny Baseball,

That is laughable. He was voted in because a) the right sent our country over the cliff, and b) the thought of an 80yr old renegade with a child as VP, was enough to scare anyone to the center left.

Did Ronnie or Clinton know anything about the economy? For that matter, since when did we start electing economists to the Presidency?

Each President pulls in economic advisors because a) they are not economists or we would have elected one, and b) it requires more than one mind to manage the United States.

Usually you contribute decent content to Scott's discussions, but that is a bunch of tired nonsense.

Jeff said...

Public Library, your plumb line is off. Obama was elected on hope and change...in other words, nothing! Actually, if you listened closely enough, you knew he was a radical Marxist. He should have been relegated to history when the first Rev. Wright--his spiritual advisor for 20+ years--video surfaced.

Further, McCain is no more a renegade than any other moderate Republican. His image as a ‘renegade’ was popularized by the media—they love liberal Republicans, which McCain has been his whole career. As for Palin, I’m not a fan, but she is no child anymore than Obama. After all, being a small-town mayor is kinda like being a community organizer only with real experience! And I’d trust her infinitely more than Obama on anything.

Here is what really happened.

Republicans spent money like democrats for 6 years, Bush backed an immigration plan that provided amnesty, the war had become very unpopular, he abandoned Israel, and the economy was tanking due to an emerging sub-prime crisis (thanks to Democrats in congress). And then the Republicans end up nominating another Bob Dole instead of a Reagan! McCain’s only hope was that he nominated what appeared to be a real conservative for VP.

What’s laughable is guys like you blame the “right” for the economy tanking and then scold guys like Donny Baseball for pointing out the obvious.

Public Library said...


All I can say is sad. And don't we usually vote for Presidents who give us hope?

Your summation of Republicans squandering our money and young innocent lives in useless preemptive wars answers enough of why people needed hope + change.

The media popularizing McCains image? Isn't that what the media does to everyone? Your statement applies to all therefore it carries zero weight.

Of course the dmes must have caused the sub-prime crisis. It had nothing to do with Greeny keeping rates at historical lows for too long, the repeal of the glass-steagall act, rating agencies getting paid to stamp AAA on anything, or zero regulation at the bank or loan origination level.

C'mon and get off your right-winged motor bike and join reality.

I do not blame the right anymore than the left. There is no leadership in this country from either party. Stop blinding yourself by your own biased and slanted rationality.

Jeff said...

You first say, “the right sent our country over the cliff” and then in respond to me you say, “I do not blame the right anymore than the left”. You are a hypocrite of the worst kind—one with a short memory.

A short memory that believes the “media popularizes everyone”!?! Tell that to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Dick Cheney, George Bush, etc., etc. Give me a bloody break…the media “popularized” George Bush for 8 years?? Who’s the one here with a “biased” and “slanted rationality”?

At least you agree that the Dems caused the subprime crisis. So we’re making some progress.

In the mean time, how’s that ‘hope and change’ working out for you?