Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekly claims still pointing to a bottom (5)

This chart shows weekly first-time unemployment claims without any artifice—just the raw data. It should now be obvious to anyone that something important has happened. Weekly claims peaked near the end of March and have now dropped 16%. The worst of the recession has clearly passed, and it happened months ago.


alstry said...


Instead of firing people, employers are simply slashing their wages. If you can't service your debt and basic spending needs, it doesn't matter if you are under employed or unemployed, you are bankrupt.

You may want to pay attention to the parabolically rising bankruptcy rates.

Further, those that are getting fired simply can't find work as evidenced by the following:

continuing claims are now up to 6.88 million - up more than 170,000 over estimates!

Based on current Zombulation policies, America is simply shutting down.

Shopping center vacancies are skyrocketing.

Mall vacancies are skyrocketing.

Office vaciancies are skyrocketing.

Residential rental vacancies are skyrocketing.

And soon millions of government workers are about to lose their jobs or get massive wage cuts.

Yup!!! There is no escaping the ZOMBULATOR and its zombatic is coming to a town near you.

Bill said...

It is said that the truly insane do not realize that they are in fact insane.