Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unemployment claims still look toppy (2)

Weekly claims for unemployment were unchanged from last week, and were a tiny bit lower than they were 3 weeks ago. The 4-week moving average of claims rose less than 2%. It's still looking to me like we've seen the worst of the news on the economy.


Gene Prescott said...

Donal Trump said on Letterman last night that the worst is yet to come. But he did not have a chart :-)

Scott Grannis said...

Whenever the majority of folks say that the worst is yet to come (especially when the President tells you that), you can bet it has already happened.

Bubba1 said...

I was looking at the miseryindex website. It has the unemployment rate every yr since 1948. Every year there is high unemployment, the market has either a decent or in most cases a very high return. Clearly, UE is a lagging indicator. Question is how high can UE go? I also noticed that when UE is low it matches up with some of the lowest market returns.