Friday, August 21, 2009

Maui beaches

Maui is the place to go for beaches, and the Napili/Kapalua area is the place to go on Maui, in my opinion. It's the northwest portion of Maui, and it is naturally green (the western, central, and southern portions of Maui can look like a desert unless they are irrigated). The first photo is of the beach at Napili Bay, where we are staying. The second photo is of the beach just north of Kapalua; it's not usually very populated, and is north-facing so it gets huge surf in the winter. You can see the island of Molokai in the background, just across the channel from Maui. The third picture is of the bay just north of Kapalua Bay, and it is a great place to go to jump off rocks and snorkel.

Every morning we go for a 4 mile walk that takes us up to the top of Pineapple Hill, then down through the Ritz Carlton Hotel to Fleming Beach. From there we head back towards Napili, taking the Kapalua Coastal Trail which goes around the northwest corner of Maui and affords gorgeous views of Molokai. It then winds through the grounds of what used to be the Kapalua Bay Hotel, and finally past the charming beach that is Kapalua Bay.

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Cabodog said...

Just gorgeous photos! We visited Maui and the north coast in 2003... From your photos, now thinking that we'll need to make another run this winter (rather than our "norm," Cabo)!