Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hula Girl

We went on a sunset cruise yesterday to celebrate my parents' birthdays (they both share the same day). We've been doing this almost every year for a long time, and have always sailed with Captain Peter Wood and his partner Inca Robbin. This year we got a real treat, since they have added a spectacular new catamaran, the "Hula Girl." It's easily the most modern, beautiful and biggest sailboat on the island, and Peter and Inca always take good care of their guests. No trip to Maui should be without a sunset cruise, and we were lucky to end up with an above-average sunset, as you can see from the second picture. "Hula Girl" sails out of Lahaina harbor and Kaanapali beach.


ronrasch said...

Beauty nurtures good thinking Scott.
God is good.

Scott Grannis said...

Beauty and tranquility sure don't hurt.