Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin's speech was very impressive

I had my doubts. Was she executive material? Did she have gravitas? Could she hold her own against the likes of Joe Biden? Did she have a sense of humor? Was she genuine? Yes. There is no doubt that a new face has appeared on the national political scene. Sarah is not going to fade into the sunset anytime soon. It is possible, in America, to rise from obscure to famous in a few short years; many have done it, and Sarah is only the latest.

John McCain has bet his presidency several times. Once when he came out in favor of the surge. And last week, when he picked Sarah Palin out of the blue. Palin's speech tonight was a complete vindication of McCain's judgment.

The Democrats say that her speech was written by a former Bush speechwriter, as if that is enough to negate everything she said. Has Obama ever given a good speech that wasn't written down in advance? Notably, his ad-lib speeches are dismal and full of ums and ahs.

Has there ever been a candidate for national office that can claim such authentic average-American credentials? Palin and her family couldn't even have come from central casting they are so genuine. Did someone prompt the youngest daughter to lick her hand in order to smooth her brother's hair? I think not.

Sarah has a great ability to deliver a speech. Her timing is good, and she's got an innate sense of humor. That counts for an awful lot in politics, as Reagan taught us.

Obama's speech was full of doom and gloom and stories of misery (e.g., our economy is in turmoil). Sarah was full of optimism. Obama says government exists to help the least among us, while Palin proves that the least among us can rise to the top. Obama appealed to those who need the government's help, Palin reminded us that in Alaska, the difference between a hockey Mom and a pit bull is lipstick. Hockey Moms don't need handouts, they just need government to get out of the way.

In short, I think she knocked the ball out of the park with this speech. The political dynamics of this election were dramatically changed in the 40 short minutes she spoke.

I want to hear more from her. I look forward to the debate with Joe Biden.

Update: One of her first accomplishments as Governor of Alaska was to sell the Governor's jet on eBay. And for a profit, no less. And she fired the executive chef. Meanwhile, she drives herself to work most days. We need more of this kind of change.

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