Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calafia beach morning

Here on Calafia Beach the world seems utterly unaffected by the recent tumultous events in the financial markets. Irrelevant observation of the day: the distant point at the left of the photo is where Nixon had his Western White House.

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CDLIC said...


Please! Yes, I am sure your observation of "...the world seems utterly unaffected by the recent tumultuous events..." from your beach condo must be very true; however, how do you put up with the following as seen in the picture provided: 1) a tiny bit of haze on the horizon, 2)having to walk at least 100 yards to the beach, 3)four cars destroying your view oh-so wonderful view; and, 5) I am not sure of this one, but there appears to be at least
three dental floss, bikini-clad, 9+ women sunning on the beach which I am sure must be very distracting for you while you are attempting to write you daily blog. Bottom line Scott, admit it: You do not have it all the great!